Lower Exchange Fees

We believe in making the cost of Buying and Selling Digital Assets very low. Use KDAX Tokens (KDX) to pay your trading fee and get a generous discount on our already low fee. You can buy KDX at the market price by logging in to your KoinAscent Account.

The Standard KoinAscent Trading Fee for crypto currencies is 0.1% 

The Discount KoinAscent Trading Fee is 0.075%

Get the Discount Trading Fee if you pay with KADX Tokens (KDX). The Trading fee is discounted to .075% if you have enough KDX in your KoinAscent Account to pay the fee.

By default, if you hold KADX Tokens (KDX) in your account, your trading fee will be automatically subtracted from your KDX balance. Use KDX for transaction fees and get a 25% discount to our standard trading fee (subject to change). 



KADAX (KDX)  / Bitcoin (BTC)  / Ethereum (ETH) /  Monero (XMR) / Tether (USDT)