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KOINASCENT.com is evolving!

  • Written by Admin
  • Published on 2019-08-31

KoinAscent is highly secure Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Exchange including function for third party Payments and Purchases.  We have now added payments and a shopping cart feature for buying Gold and Diamonds to the KoinAscent Exchange. Use your crypto currencies to buy Gold Bars and investment grade Diamonds.

We have now added both Stable coins like Tether and Privacy coins like Monero to the KoinAscent trading pairs. This has made it easier for users to finally use crypto currencies for payments, purchases and to protect their privacy.

KoinAscent now has a payment function for registered users. Users can now send FREE crypto currency payments to anyone, anywhere in the world that has an email address. Payments can be made using a KoinAscent account and it is FREE!

Crypto currencies are the future of all payment transactions, but there is a big problem. The problem is value volatility. With the value of Bitcoin constantly changing it makes it hard for both buyers and sellers to use Bitcoin as a form of payment. Enter the stable coins like Tether. Stable coins can be use to protect asset value and as a convenient form of payments and purchases.

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