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ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator

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  • Published on 2018-04-27

ICO DEAL DECK is a decentralized blockchain venture capital project which is planning to operate as a Republic of Estonia register cryptocurrency company. With our plans to operate a P2P Digital Asset Exchange and Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet we will also be applying for the appropriate licenses.

See Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) “The legal framework of initial coin offering in Estonia” https://www.fi.ee/index.php?id=21662

We highly recommend that Start Ups in our Accelerator also consider registering as a Republic of Estonia crypto company if they plan future legally approved fund raising using a Token Generating Event.

You may read the ICO DEAL DECK Whitepaper at the below Medium.com link. Please follow us on Medium and clap for the post to show your support. The Whitepaper is in progress and is frequently updated. You may check back at this link any time to see the latest version.


The ICO DEAL DECK Project uses the power of crowd sourcing to identify and support promising Tech and Blockchain Start up projects, which it hopes will turn into future Unicorns, billion dollar businesses.

The ICO DEAL DECK Platform is the essence of decentralized venture capital. The crowd is invited to acquire ICO DEAL DECK (XIDD) Tokens. Holders of XIDD Tokens with their expertise, experience and knowledge receive voting rights to select winners in the ICO DEAL DECK Start Ups Pitch Competition and inviting them to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator.


The ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator supports Tech and Blockchain projects financially and technically. The mission is to provide a platform for promising Start Up projects to develop into companies worthy of growing to the next level.


As a decentralized venture capital project one of our primary goals is to meet as many promising Start Up projects as possible. The forum for meeting and greeting Start Ups is the annual “ICO DEAL DECK START UP PITCH COMPETITION”.

There is an open call for Tech and Blockchain Start Ups to register for the


Register here: www.icoDealDeck.com

Winning Tech and Blockchain Pitch Competition projects receive cash prizes and an invitation to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator. For winning Start Ups there is annually USD $ 1,000,000.00 in Pitch Competition cash prizes.

The winning Start Up Pitch Competition projects are selected by the ICO DEAL DECK XIDD Token holders. Winners receive cash prizes and an invitation to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator. Start Ups may also elect to use the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform services including technical, marketing and legal guidance for Start Up fund raising through a Token Generating Event (T.G.E.).

The venture capital aspect of the platform is that for providing Start Up support ICO DEAL DECK Platform receives an allocation for token acquisition equal to 25% of Start Up new tokens during the T.G.E. Of the allocation of 25% of the Start Up new tokens, 5% is a commission for Token Platform services, but up to 20% of the Start Up new tokens may or may not be acquired by XIDD Token holders by swapping XIDD Tokens for Start Up new Tokens. The XIDD Token holders are venture capitalist at heart and they are searching for Unicorns. When they think they have found a Unicorn they may swap their XIDD Tokens for Start Up projects new tokens and receive bonus tokens.

Since finding more Start Ups is such an important aspect of the ICO DEAL DECK Platform and its venture capital mission, the 5% commission received by ICO DEAL DECK is used primarily to support more Start Up Projects and Pitch Competitions. As the ICO DEAL DECK project develops we hope to organize regional venues for an annual “ICO DEAL DECK START UP PITCH COMPETITION” and attract as many potential Unicorn Start Up projects as possible.

I am always interested in helping and growing new tech start-ups and ideas.”

John McAfee

Thank you John those are our sentiments exactly!