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  • Written by Admin
  • Published on 2021-04-16

Our newest product to launch is NFT T-Bonds. It is a non-fungible token that performs similar to U.S. Treasury bonds, allowing cryptocurrency projects to sell tokens that are locked until maturity. Proceeds from T-Bond sales go to the issuer and also are used to seed a secondary market liquidity pool on Uniswap. KoinAscent receives commissions from the initial sale of NFT T-Bonds also from the Uniswap secondary market liquidity pool.

Niffty T-Bonds are bundles of yield bearing fungible tokens that have been locked into non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) until a certain condition is met, such as the passage of time. For tokens that have staking rewards, NFT T-Bonds act similar to T-Bills as a hedge against changing rates, creating a derivate like DeFi primitive. Investors can use T-Bonds as a tool to hedge yield.

NFT T-Bonds are a tokenomics financing tool which allows cryptocurrency projects to prevent erosion of token value during token distribution and increase liquidity. NFT T-Bond holders earn a return by the discount to value of the initial price and these investors can then hold the T-Bond till maturity and receive the full value of the underlying tokens or they can trade T-Bonds in a secondary market we are creating on uniswap.org.

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