We are so happy that you have joined the KOINASCENT Community. The TEAM is working very hard to build a great Cryptocurrency Exchange and would appreciate your support for the KADX Token Crowd Sale which is LIVE NOW!.

We are a dedicated team of coders building KOINASCENT Exchange. Soon we will share with you screenshots of the upcoming KOINASCENT Exchange Platform and we will begin asking for user comments about the layout. We want the KOINASCENT Exchange to be a collaborate effort between the Team and our community. We have a chance to create something really cool, easy to use and highly secure.

When we launch the ALPHA Exchange site for user testing in October 2018 we will run a Bug Bounty. All users will be able to submit a Bug for review. All Users that submit a Bug report will receive a KADX Token Reward determined by the importance of the Bug to the Platform.

The tokenized exchange is not an original idea but it is a very good idea worth duplicating so even more token buyers can earn while others trade. We have added something new to the concept. The tokenized cryptocurrency exchange concept thrives on volume. To achieve ever increasing trade volume on KOINASENT and see higher shared income for all KADX Token owners, KOINASCENT plans exchange platform weekly Token Crowd Sales for Start Up Projects. After the Crowd Sale ends the Tokens will then be able to immediately begin trade on KOINASCENT. More ERC-20 tokens, more users, more volume.

By the time we finish the crowd sale we will have an awesome working cryptocurrency exchange ready for public launch. At Launch KADX Token owners will begin to receive re-occurring income that can increase as trade volume increases.
Remember to use your Referral Link in your Crowd Sale User Dashboard to send more users to preregister
a Trade Account on KOINASCENT and you both earn KADX Bonuses.